Chattahoochee Plastic Surgery is proud assist patients during their surgery in our state-of-the-art operation room. Our practice always carries the latest equipment and technology in our operation room to ensure that your procedure runs smoothly and you receive the results you are looking for. At Chattahoochee Plastic Surgery, our operation room is fully equipped with all state-of-the-art equipment. It is private and offers continuous care.

We are a completely safe practice. Everything is always kept extremely clean. We want you to feel safe and know that you are in good hands. We are happy to give you a tour of the operation room during your consultation and will answer any questions that you have during this time.

Although friends or family will not be able to come into the operation room while you are receiving surgery, they are more than welcome to wait in our waiting room. As soon as the surgery is complete, the surgeons will always come out and let you know it went well and give any additional instructions that you may need.

Our entire staff wants you to feel safe and comfortable throughout your time with us. We understand that surgery can be stressful. We are always here to answer any questions that you have or if you simply need someone to talk to. Your health and safety are always our top priority.

If you have any questions regarding our operation room, contact us today at 706-494-7700.