“I appreciate all that you all have done for me and my confidence! Dr. Naman, I appreciate your skills and dedication to making me finally feel normal and beautiful. For that, I will never forget you! I appreciate how warm and welcoming all your staff members have been. I appreciate your patience with me and for answering all my questions and concerns! For that, I will never forget any of you!”

“A year ago I had surgery and although it’s certainly ‘after the fact,’ I just wanted you to know how incredibly impressed I was with all of you—
Shana, you walked me through every step of the procedure and I never felt rushed—all my questions and concerns were always discussed and you were so thorough in your explanations that I was completely confident and comfortable with the entire procedure.
To the office and medical staff, you all were wonderful. I cannot say enough about how you worked so diligently with the insurance company so that I could have surgery before going back to teach. Thank you so much.
Dr. Naman, I am so glad that Dr. Aranas referred me to you—she never hesitated when I asked her for a referral, saying you were really good as well as really nice. She could not have been more accurate and I have been EXTREMELY pleased with the result—it has truly been life-changing.
Thank you all again for your professionalism, your customer service, your attention, and of course, your surgical work. I have already recommended your practice and will certainly continue to do so.”

“I wanted to thank you again for taking such good care of me during my surgery. It’s obvious that you are a truly genuine and caring person. More than anything, I was greatly touched by your prayer for me before my surgery. I had many people call me and pray for me that morning but to have my surgeon pray brought me such an amazing peace.”

“I truly appreciate you coming to our rescue Monday night. Matt is right Dr. Naman…You’re the best doctor in the whole wide world. Thank you for your friendship. We are very blessed.”

“I am so elated with the outcome of my surgery this past week. I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude for all that you did to expedite the appropriate appeals paperwork. I knew upon our first meeting and your prayer that you are a doctor of great magnitude and one who strives for a speedy recovery and optimum wellness for your patients. Again, thank you!”