Facials help patients’ skin heal from acne and other conditions through a careful combination of steam, exfoliation, and a variety of topical treatments. Steam will first open the pores and give the specialist an opportunity to examine the patient’s skin type and needs.

Next, through careful and optional extraction, our specialists draw out any impurities that may be clogging the pores in order to cleanse the skin. The final stage of the facial involves application of soothing topical treatments such as masks, moisturizers, and cleansers. The process leaves the skin refreshed, acne-free, and moisturized.

Our aesthetician takes individual care of each patient based on his or her own skin type and preferences and each facial is tailored to your custom needs. No two faces are exactly the same, so no two facials should be either! There is no better way to care for your skin and maintain its health than by getting regular, or even semi-regular facials. Time-erasing, relaxing, and anti-aging, make facials a part of your skincare regimen.


Express Facial- $50

Feel like new again in just thirty minutes.

Teen Facial- $50

Designed to treat and educate your teen.

European Facial- $90

A custom facial with products chosen for your needs.

Purifying Facial- $80

Perfect for those with acne or current breakouts.

Anti-Aging Facial- $90

Our anti-aging technology rejuvenates your skin.

Calming Facial- $60

De-stress your mind and body while renewing your skin.

Back Facial- $50

Ideal for soothing and healing your back.